This committee is the focal point for precinct organization and getting out the vote. Members are elected from each precinct in Ross County at the Primary Election held every four years. Vacancies are filled using this process: the nominee is recommended by a committee member, then approved by the Chair, and finally voted in by committee members present and voting. Members must reside in the precincts that they represent.


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Chillicothe 1-ABeth Janes Neal
Chillicothe 1-BDustin Proehl
Chillicothe 1-CDon Gatchell
Chillicothe 1-DDoug Corcoran
Chillicothe 2-A
Chillicothe 2-BBrandon Lawson
Chillicothe 2-CSteve Madru
Chillicothe 2-DSusie Ott
Chillicothe 3-AMelissa Higgs-Horwell
Chillicothe 3-BMarta Hitchens
Chillicothe 3-CMarsha Wagner
Chillicothe 3-DJoyce Andersen Vie
Chillicothe 4-A
Chillicothe 4-BTerry Williams
Chillicothe 4-CJean Malone
Chillicothe 5-ALiz Gibbons-Camp
Chillicothe 5-BMike Warren
Chillicothe 5-CMike Proehl
Chillicothe 5-DAngela Fleurima
Chillicothe 6-ANena Park
Chillicothe 6-B
Chillicothe 6-C
Buckskin NorthRichard Lucas
Buckskin South Salem
Colerain AdelphiJeff Smith
Colerain West
Concord AustinChristy McDonald
Concord FrankfortRichard Anders
Concord Frank PrecRoxanne Markko
Concord Roxabell
Deerfield Clarksburg
Franklin NorthPeggy Karr
Franklin South
Green Kingston
Green NorthAlly Flechtner
Green SouthTodd Holdren
Green WestTy Hinton
Huntington East
Huntington NorthFrank Hirsch
Huntington South
Huntington WestJamie Hartley
Liberty East
Liberty WestJohn Downing
PaintJohn Rolfe
Paxton BainbridgeCinda Knisley
Paxton PaxtonRobert “Army” Armstrong
Scioto North
Scioto CentralTaylor Beeler
Scioto Six
Scioto South
Scioto WestBeth Workman
Springfield NorthRonda Kinnamon
Springfield SouthLarry Partee
Twin CentralJohn Cutright
Twin East
Twin North
Twin South
Union CentralKaren Rickey
Union EastRick Marriott
Union NorthMartha Rittinger
Union Pleasant ValleyTom Peterson
Union SouthCheryl Dubois
Union WestJerry Park
Ross County Central Committee